The negative mindset by Sadashiv Amrapurkar’s “Maharani” character will change with Raktdhar


Director Ajit Verma who is busy promoting his upcoming film Raktdhar during a promotional interview said, the Negative mindset by Sadashiv Amrapurkar’s “Maharani” character from movie ‘Sadak’ will change with Raktdhar.

“The character that Sadashiv Amrapurkar played as Maharani in Sadak was something that we hadn’t seen before, it created a strong scary aura around the idea of transgender. Since that film people have always looked at transgender as something bad. So much so that from then until now nobody has looked at them from a positive mind frame. It’s the truth I don’t mean to hurt anyone’s feeling but I feel that character was an injustice towards transgender. But I believe that this negative mindset will definately change after everyone watches my film Raktdhar” said Director Ajit Verma during a promotional interview.

There is no comparison between the two characters, “Maharani’s Role was a negative role and Shakti Kapoor’s role is positive, they are completely different.”

He also urged the public to look at the film as an emotional journey through the character’s mind and reflect the message that they learn into real life. “When you watch the film, keep in mind that this is my life’s work I have put 22 years of my life in the film. I have kept every aspect of their lives into mind while making the film, it is their emotional journey and I request that after watching his film please change your point of view about transgender.”

Film’s trailer gives a glimpse into the story about love, political revenge and Shakti’s struggle in society and the world of politics as he fights to take control and help his community.  The film casts Mukesh Rishi, Shahbaaz Khan, Ehsaan Khan, Deepsikha Naagpal, Manish Khanna and Sanchita Banerjee.

The film directed by Ajit Verma is jointly produced by Dhananjay Dhawan Patil and Rajan Gupta under the banner Chitra Films and is scheduled to release on 6th October 2017.

——-Mohd Naseem Khan (Senior correspondent)

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