Popular Queen of Universe-2019 ANGEL TETARBE

Popular Queen of Universe-2019 ANGEL TETARBE

International winner in Germany Angel Tetarbe, recently on 31st March 2019,.recieved the  Felicitation Crown n Award In  “Saraswatibai Dadasaheb Phalke Awards” in Mumbai. As  “POPULAR QUEEN Of UNIVERSE” 2019″ For winning on International platform for our country India..

As Miss Glamourface World -INDIA ..winner  in 2017″ Angel Tetarbe represented our country India in Berlin in 2018..and made our country win there  among various countries by  winning there too as  Miss Glamourface World -Best National costume


She has amazing  beauty  with smiling Charming  face  which  plays  her  magic  every where she goes..

She says-“am very thankful and greatful to my god’ for  giving me such a golden opportunity to represent my country abroad and win there, and today because of that  I received  this beautiful Crown of my dreams as “POPULAR QUEEN OF UNIVERSE” -2019″..

Feel on the top of this world.. It’s blessings of my parents and family and dear friends who all love me so much..

Specially my mom as she is my strong support and inspiration..

God bless all my family my frends my true well wishers.. It’s because of them  I got this  celebration time of my life.. God is great n kind ”

Angel has  travelled the  world  UK ,New york, Los Angeles and many more counties meeting  people  and promoting our  India and our  Indian Culture..

She says: I would love to spread peace love ,n happiness  in this world, bringing  smile on the faces of millions.. As my mom taught  me

Being Human is the most important quality of a human being.. So help others as much as possible whenever needed.. And when needy person comes across  be humble  To help  him if god has  blessed  u in powerful  position  in life.. Be good n kind hearted.


This  felicitation Crown n Award is only for  Beauty Crown winners of India.. And for Angel it was her bravely reaching  Germany  inspite of the  fact that German Embassy  created obstacles for her to reach Germany but She didn’t give up at any point of time and kept fighting .and finally reached Berlin  with the help of Indian Government..Mrs Sushma Swaraj Minister of External Affairs. and Dr. Swati Kulkarni Director Head of Passport Maharashtra..Both powerful woman helped her  to reach Germany.

Angel says: “Am very thankful to both of them  from my heart.. ”

she is truly blessed child  to come up as an International Winner for India … .its truly  god’s blessings..

India is proud of u Angel. ..

Angel says:” it was a great experience for my journey to reach Germany. Which  came  to me as  big surprise  from god.. ,and in Mumbai another beautiful event  where I met other Beauty Crown Winners  of India  too. We had great time together..  I want to thank  all of them involved in this beautiful journey of crowning.Am really enjoying  my bachelor life to the fullest, god’s blessings ”

Angel’s  Dad is Mr. Ashok Kumar Tetarbe and her  mom is Mrs.Jyotsna Bala Tetarbe..they  r very loving  and sweet little sis  Honey Tetarbe.

Angel says- “my cute sis Honey always stood by me. She is a fashion designer.. She is intelligent and very supportive to me. It’s not only my success it’s her success  too.. ”

From last two years Angel is mostly travelling abroad ..

It’s celebration time  for her so she leaving soon for London n Los Angeles to celebrate with her friends abroad..

Angel is also Niff Miss India -Best Smile winner “2017

Angel  really looks like Angel ,she is indeed Beauty with Brains.

She is a Barbie Doll..

God  bless..

All our best  wishes  for  her  bright future..

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