Meet Charanya Gurusathya, Founder Director of Natyashala Academy of Fine Arts from Pune

Meet Charanya Gurusathya, Founder Director of Natyashala Academy of Fine Arts from Pune

Meet Charanya Gurusathya, Founder Director of Natyashala Academy of Fine Arts from Pune the most Passionate Bharatanatyam Dancer, Teacher, Choreographer of current era. She has to her credit many accolades & achievements in  field of dance. Her contribution to Indian culture and tradition crosses boundaries where she is  developing beautiful, passionate  classical dancers across the globe.

Her connect to traditional dance through Indian mythology and spiritual stories portrays her humble nature, making her loveable and touching the hearts of many.

* Could you share your memorable moments of 2023?

Ans: Among many memorable programs, lecture demonstrations and events of 2023, including the Arangetram of my students, stage performances during various festivals like MahaShivaratri, Ganesh Chaturthi, Krishna Janmashtami,

Navaratri: Krishna Anuraag remains close to my heart – performance on 9th September 2023

Developing a thought, conceptualising an idea, choreographing multiple dance numbers has created a wavelength, between me as a dancer & my dance.The two-hour Solo dance performance is a feeling of expression – of confidence, of joy – and of a divine dance journey internalised within me.

The years of learning, teaching, performing has culminated to, look on, and settle. “May my art speak into each of your hearts,” was the underlying expression portrayed at Krishna Anuraag – Ultimate love & devotion to Lord Krishna.

* What’s your future plans for 2024?

Ans: As 2024 unfolds, upholding Indian culture, traditions, passing it on to the next generation and collaborating with various like-minded artists is the key path to sustain the Art and its values.

* After one year where you want to See yourself?

Ans: An inspiring artist, a loveable teacher, a good friend, a caring mother, a supportive wife and a humble person.

* What’s your message on New Year?

Ans:Let the continuous creative exploration into music, arts & dance take precedence and allow an opportunity to every aspiring dancer to reach the pinnacle.

* What was your key driving force to become a successful Artist?

Ans:Structure, planning and execution. If we plan our day in advance, then it’s simple. As Artists we need to manage our time at home, kids, family and passion. Rehearsing comes with passion to art, there’s certain time slot I keep where I can rehearse and will make sure I never miss that schedule. So, planning and sticking to a schedule is the mantra.

* How do you spread your art to the people?

Ans:One thing that fascinates me is that this classical dance tradition acts as a connection to our age-old customs and practices. It still holds a high value and can be applied to our day-to-day living. Simple practices like wearing a bindi or tilak on forehead, learning to drape the Indian attire saree, keeping abreast with the essence of mythological stories, reciting shlokams and understanding the path towards spirituality. This perfect coexistence of art and traditions can best describe the relevance of Bharatanatyam in today’s world which we can easily adapt into our daily routine. I am happy and can proudly say all my students are imbibing these practices into their everyday living as well along with becoming beautiful dancers & humble humans.

* What motivates you?

Ans: Dancing itself is a huge motivation for me, it surely improves one’s balance and flexibility, the main thing for me is that it brings a sense of self-satisfaction boosts up my self-confidence and is a refreshing pill. After I dance it calms me mentally creating oneness with the dance and the bond continues forever.

* What is your greatest fear, and how do you manage fear?

Ans: Fear is in the perception of oneself, a very apt question post lockdown of lockdown too, new normal way of living, new digital methods of teaching, new pedagogy being formulated, evolution is the natural process of life. Any factor which resisted change and evolution only ceases to exist. If you have strong basics and foundation, go for it, else grind it out. Change is inevitable in life, let’s accept & adhere to it gracefully.

* What are your ideals of teaching?

Ans: Every dance form be it folk, classical or contemporary goes through a process of evolution. Creative art is influenced by social system. it’s natural. The main effort is in laying the foundation, as long as fundamentals is strong, we can experiment within the framework of the art keeping in mind the anga shuddham( body posture), tala shuddham (maintaining correct rhythm). The traditional ideals followed in process of teaching Bharatanatyam is improvisation into the dynamics of the classical framework without making it repetitive and boring will surely make the dance look appealing & aesthetic.

* How do you define success?

Ans: Practice makes a man perfect; it makes women perfect too. J

Admire your own perfection.

Continue the energy and sustain passion.

Success shall find its way to you!

* What advice you give to the upcoming artist? 

Ans: Continuous practice, staying connected with the Art learnt and to stay humble always. You may be the best; remember you have to wait for the opportunity patience & perseverance.

* What is your favourite aspect of being a Classical Dancer?

Ans: Dancers along with learning the dance are exposed to various other professions like dance photography, videography, editing, stage lights, sound, event management and much more. This creates wonderful opportunities and also makes a person self-sufficient holistically.

* What has been your most satisfying moment in your journey of success?

Ans: In India apart from Bharatanatyam seven other classical dance styles have been recognized by the Ministry of Culture. Each style has its own beauty and poise. An experience to understand other forms of music genre, dance styles, in-depth analysis of Indian Mythology, culture, its reverence. These are some of the practices that’s has helped me do justice to art and imbibe in the process of learning, teaching and performing Bharatanatyam.J

* What would you say are the top three skills needed to reach the success of ladder?

Ans: Practice, Passion, Perseverance .

* What experience have you discovered to keep you focused and productive in your day-to-day busy schedule?

Ans:An experience of love, care, human connections, healthy daily practices – For taking up any classical art form as a profession we need a good support system from family, they need to understand that it is a profession that is equivalent to any other IT, medical or engineering jobs. The time and effort put into dance is as valuable as any other profession.

On a personal note, I should mention the support that I am receiving from my parents, in-laws, my two children and husband Gurusathya, his constant direction to do my best every time. If there was ever a person in the whole wide world, who always had my back and who always believed in me, is him. This emotional love and strength keep me going always adding colors, fragrance, and freshness in me.

* Who has been your greatest inspiration?

Ans:Inspiration comes from many different sources in our lives at different points and situations. Similarly, for me my parents and my teacher instilled the value of hard work, determination and perseverance. They always encouraged me to pursue my dreams.Acquaintances and close interactions with many senior dance Gurus have guided me into the path of understanding the nuances and intricacies of dance learnings, teachings and practices.


Meet Charanya Gurusathya, Founder Director of Natyashala Academy of Fine Arts from Pune

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