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Anju Kumari Behera – Miss Universe 2022 And Miss photogenic

My name is Anju Kumari Behera, and I am a 24-year-old. Due to my distinctive philosophy, I am appreciated for thinking above the boundaries of society and family. I am a young and energetic lady from odisha. I have completed my Master’s in Chemistry from Centurion University, Balangir. Presently, I am pursuing a B.ed from Andhra University. Besides, I have been associated with the beauty world for the last few years. I have a distinct and scholarly perspective on life, which allows me to evaluate everything optimistically constantly. A sense of optimism always resigns me. This vitality enables me to be a quick learner and problem solver. I have faith in my capacity to meet life’s challenges with courage and zeal. And this energy in me has helped me overcome the daily hurdles I’ve encountered since the foundation of my company, Mr. & Miss Koshal. I keep myself joyful and motivated, and this energy allows me to encourage those around me. I’ve always been a quick learner, and every step in life teaches us something. I have always aspired to be a strong lady who achieves her goals. And I believe this is one of the main reasons I have achieved titles such as Odisha beauty expo 2020-Miss best walk , Miss Tiara Queen of Bharat 2021-1st Runner up, and Face of Central India 2021 – Miss Perfect, and also Miss India runway iconic 2022 winner. Miss universe 2022 winner and Miss photogenic. My various experiences have only served to strengthen me and help me grow into a beautiful and cheerful woman. My inner beauty has always inspired me to go out into the world and spread happiness to others around me. The most important lesson I learned on this beautiful short journey through life is that hard work can make any seemingly impossible ambition a reality.I’m confident that many more opportunities will present themselves. Nonetheless, all possibilities have always been challenging, and the next ones will be no different, requiring my utmost effort. I’m well aware that success brings new opportunities and challenges, and I am prepared to confront it with the same zeal I have constantly engaged. I am fortunate, and I credit my success to the most loving and supportive parents. They have been the centre and pillar of my existence through all the ups and downs that life has thrown at me. My father’s expertise and qualifications have solidified my foundations, allowing me to brazen...

Netra Patil Miss Teen Universe 2022 2nd Runner Up

Netra Patil  – I am 14 years old, Netra Patil, born in the city of weavers, Malegaon. Presently I am reside in Nasik.  In standard 8th, I secured 92{61307dbfb632870ba326f6322853bd3ffea5b163e9c789324eea2723926c15c1} in Nashik Cambridge School. Passion for our work is essential for success in any endeavour. My passion for achieving motivates me to push myself every day and gain new abilities that will help me do better work. I am a self-driven individual with a strong desire to succeed.. I enjoy a challenge and set goals for myself on a regular basis so that I have something to strive towards. I’m not content with mediocrity, and I’m continuously looking for methods to improve and attain excellence. I must admit that I am a sports freak. I enjoy anything and everything related to sports. By nature, I’m a competitive person who strives to be the best version of myself. I’ve obtained a broad grasp of various sports and their strategies over the last few years. In the fields of sports like long jump, spirits, and others, I have earned ten medals and numerous certificates. This keeps me motivated and also fit. In today’s environment, studies are essential, and I understand the value of academics. I enjoy studying and becoming engaged in a book. For several events and exams, I received numerous medals and certificates, for example, essay writing, math olympiad, etc. I first participated in a fashion show in 2021, when I began my journey. I did so just because I enjoyed it, not because I had a goal in mind, and then I won 1st runner up at Stardom India kids fashion show 2021; from there, I gained confidence and hope in my inner mind that yes, I have the potential in me and I can do this. After this, as an encouragement booster, I also gained 2 nd second place in the Miss Teen Universe 2022 held at WE Hotels in Pune. I aspire to become a successful actress and a model. The modelling field is a diversified one, and it will enable me to channel my preferred style while maintaining my individuality. The variety of styles available makes the job exciting and motivating, and it’s in this diversified, high-energy setting that my enthusiasm for modelling will blossom. I enjoy how, as an actress, I can take on different characteristics and portray them in my unique way. I believe this allows me to be more sympathetic and empathic toward the...

Teen Mr and Miss Universe 2022 Event by Joil Entertainment Successfully Concluded In Pune

Joil Entertainment is a Mumbai-based fashion and beauty company that has been in operation since September 2021. The company’s director and CEO is Sandy Joil. Mr. Miss & Mrs. Universe is his company, and he is the founder, CEO, and Director. Joil Entertainment is a multifaceted company well recognized in the fashion world as a pageant organizer. They have planned countless events since they are well-versed in the fashion sector. Joil Entertainment recently hosted the Teen Mr. and Miss Universe 2022 Finale Event on March 13, 2022 at We Hotel in Pune Chinchwad to honor Indian fashion and beauty industry talent. Teen Mr. and Miss Universe 2022 is a title that inspires women to believe in themselves and achieve their greatest potential. A confident woman has the power to make a difference in her community while also having the potential to reach a global audience. Joil Entertainment encourages every woman to go beyond her comfort zone, to be herself, and to keep defining what it means to be Confidently Beautiful. Aside from Joil Entertainment, a comparable platform for guys to build their confidence and showcase their talents was also created. Some well-known celebrities served as jury members in the Finale. Their work and accomplishments have brought them to the pinnacle of success. Pakkhi Hegde Yash Wadali Pradeep Pali Shamonisha Ritesh Vyas Rakesh Sabarwal Were among some of these renowned personalities. The most deserving participants and brilliant individuals were awarded as winners, first and second runners up in many categories and titles. Among the enormous number of contestants, the following are the lucky ones: Winner Miss Teen Category Winner – Mahi Kaur Siyan Miss Category Winner – Anju Kumari Behera Category Winner- Aakash Agrawal 1st Runner Up Mr Category – Sheheryaar Ansari Miss Category – Hina Ingle Miss Teen Category- Shifa Padvi 2nd Runner Up Category – Mayank Singh Rajput Miss Category – Miss Chaithra Miss Teen Category – Netra Patil The audience was seen to have erupted in spontaneous applause more than once. The path of advancement is always extreme, and those who are always willing to take on obstacles and dare to overcome them are rewarded for their achievements. Congratulations on your victory; well done on your valiant effort; congratulations on your successes; and best wishes for future participation. Have faith in yourself and be brave in your ability to pass any exam that comes your way. Congratulations to all of the contenders; they were all deserved, but...

Joil Entertainment Presents Teen Mr Miss Mrs Supranational 2021 Mumbai Auditions Concluded

Joil Entertainment Presents Teen Mr Miss Mrs Supranational 2021 Mumbai Auditions Concluded Teen Mr Miss Mrs Supranational 2021 Mumbai Auditions were recently concluded In Andheri, Mumbai. Some contestants gave their auditions and displayed their talent in front of Jury ans many contestants gave Virtual auditions from the comfort of their home which was also an option given by Sandy Joil, so that all contestants have an opportunity to show their talent to respected Jury members. The Finale is going to be held In Goa after completing the auditions of many cities from where the participants have applied. Respectable Jury Members were for Mumbai Auditions: Khushboo Khan, Sandy Joil, Ashwin Rajput and  Yash Thorat. Contestants who gave the auditions in front of Jury were Aishwarya Patil, Nisha Shau, GIRISH RAJBHOJ and For Teen Category child Diya Anabhavane who came long way from home to give her life’s first Audition.        Our Team Wishes all the contestants present their or who gave Virtual Audditions best of...

Akaarsh Young Talented Model From Tamil Nadu Winner Of Many Pageants

Akaarsh Young Talented Model  From Tamil Nadu Winner Of Many Pageants I’m Akaarsh I’m 20 year old I’m from Chennai I played TNCA cricket in 2010 to 2018 in Vbca and in 2019 I got interested in modelling. In 2020 I met Ashwin Rajput sir he gave me chance to  participated in all in1venture online pageants I won the 2nd runner up in that and after in same year I won the 1st runner up in Mr Glam 2020 session 1 by KOTHARIS Royal Organic Foods  and I become a Mr Tamil Nadu Ambassador for KOTHARIS Royal Organic Foods and again Ashwin sir gave me chance to represent my state ( Tamil Nadu ) in Mr India Supranational Finalist and also I’m finalist of Asian’s next top model and semifinal list of UIA and 1 more time I won 2nd runner up in Mr India Multimedia with a Mr Best Body.    Akaarsh young smart looking talented model wants to continue his journey as a professional model for Print Media as well as commercial video...

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