UFC GYM Launches Its First Gym In Delhi Punjabi Baugh India


UFC GYM® the first major brand extension of the Ultimate Fighting Championship® expands its global brand presence to the world’s second-largest population, India, in partnership with Artaxerxes Fitness & Lifestyle Pvt. Ltd, led by Master Licensee Istayak Ansari and Farzad Palia opened its first club in West Delhi, Punjabi Baugh, India.

UFC Gym will be opening two new gyms early next year in Lokhandwala, Mumbai and Indiranagar, Bangalore in India.

The fitness market is booming in India and It’s a great opportunity for the brand UFC GYM® to introduce its unique TRAIN DIFFERENT® philosophy to its residents. UFC GYM® will induce Indian fitness enthusiasts, while building member communities at each gym location, who will work together as a team to achieve their individual goals. UFC GYM® is the first to combine mixed martial arts and fitness, and is a home to fitness enthusiasts of all ages and abilities.


UFC GYM® Punjabi Baugh Gym is 10,500+ sq ft carpet area spread across three floors, offering General & Fitness training, Functional Workouts (D.U.T, MATRX, TRX etc.), MMA Classes (Boxing, Kick Boxing, Jiu-Jitsu, Muay Thai, Skill Technique Class, etc.), Group Fitness Classes (Zumba, Yoga, etc.) beating the routine.

UFC GYM® Master Licensee Istayak Ansari and Farzad Palia bring with them the business experience and entrepreneurial spirit to successfully open 100+ UFC GYM® in India.

Istayak Ansari has over 16+ years’ experience leading start-ups, retail management and franchise development. Istayak Ansari grew Gold’s Gym from 6+ to 96+ franchisees across 56+ cities in India in just nine years. Istayak Ansari also serves as Director & Co-Founder of Lloyds Luxuries Ltd. , which operates luxury barbershop Truefitt & Hill across 11+ cities in India  with 20+ open and operating barbershops throughout South Asia under a Master License Agreement, and and also Trofi Chain Factory Pvt. Ltd which operated 11+ “1441 Pizzeria” restaurants across 3+ cities in India.

Farzad Palia is a second generation business entrepreneur with a passion for health and fitness. He is expanding his business portfolio with UFC Gym in India .Farzad Palia runs a family owned business as Director of Champion Jointings which was founded in 1960 specializing in packing and sealing products SPITMAAN is a family owned and operated company with 4 decades of commitment to providing services in sealing solutions through diversified products aimed at the engineering industry.

SPITMAAN is organized into three corporate entities – Mechanical Packing Industries Pvt. Ltd., Fluoropolymer Packings and Seals Private Ltd., Champion Jointings Ltd. Each company combined by a profound understanding of the markets, wide in-depth product ranges, their own manufacturing facilities, global sourcing and an advanced distribution concept which guarantees maximum supply reliability. The products manufactured by SPITMAAN are marketed under the brand name of Spitmaan.

Since debuting in 2009, UFC GYM® has opened more than 150+ locations throughout the United States and abroad now in 10+ countries and growing. The fitness franchise has continued to grow at a rapid pace with more than 50+ locations opening in the past two years and over 50+ gyms expected to open in the next year. Whereby UFC GYM® in collaboration with Artaxerxes Fitness & Lifestyle Pvt. Ltd. will open more than 100 gym locations throughout the Republic of India through 2028.

UFC GYM® India is a perfect extension of the global brand that helps introduce the sport and values of mixed martial arts to audiences of all ages with state-of-art equipment, top-notch coaching, and an unparalleled community of movers and motivators, UFC GYM® offers the ultimate fitness experience you’ve been searching for.

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